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Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore says US must defend democracy 'against our own domestic Taliban,' apologizes for American wars

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Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore — fresh off comparing Southern Baptists to bloodthirsty, misogynistic Taliban militants who've once again taken over Afghanistan — has shared yet another divisive declaration.

What did he say?

As the U.S. military pulled its last service member out of Afghanistan, Moore on Monday took to Twitter and not only apologized for wars the United States has waged, but also he called out "our own domestic Taliban" and said we must defend our democracy against it:

"WAR IS OVER. 4:33pm ET. ENOUGH!" Moore wrote. "No more wars. Peace. Apologies to all. Time to fix ourselves and strengthen our own Democracy and defend it against our own domestic Taliban. Take the war money and use it on schools, health care, guaranteed income, housing. Never again. Ever."

It isn't exactly clear who Moore believes constitute "our own domestic Taliban," but given his politics, one can safely infer he means certain supporters of former President Donald Trump and not violent extremists like Antifa.

How did folks react?

As with most pronouncements that proceed from Moore's mouth, this particular statement garnered some support, but it appeared most commenters weren't pleased at all with the radical leftist documentarian:

  • "You mean the domestic Taliban that is Antifa and BLM? You know, the groups that have been rampaging, burning, and killing for six years," one commenter wrote. "Go eat another donut fat boy and leave America to the REAL Americans (Conservatives)."
  • "Dude, do you honestly think wars are over?" another user asked. "Haven't studied human nature much have you. We'll be back into Afghanistan soon enough, watch. The Democrat war machine (MIC) will make sure of it."
  • "As ever you continue to prove yourself a typical vicious champagne socialist pontificating from your mansion about how evil American Christians are," another commenter said. "You are lying trash, and irrelevant intellectually feeble lying trash at that. Go back to the streets of Flynt and try spouting off."
  • "Damn, Fatboy, calm down," another user wrote. "The only Taliban here is your mouth assaulting a Big Mac and fries. How about you man up and physically force people to do what you want? Oh, wait, you won't. Unless they have a doughnut."
  • "Yeah free money and a house! So we can all be massive whales running our blow holes all day like you. Yay let's celebrate obiden abandoning [Afghan] and American lives," another commenter noted. "Why don't you go over there Mike and apologize to the Taliban for me. Idiot."
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