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Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore likens the Taliban to Southern Baptists: 'They’re religious nuts, but we’ve got those here, too'

Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan — culminating with the fall of the capital of Kabul last weekend — far-left filmmaker Michael Moore gave an interview to Variety and let loose with a particularly jaw-dropping observation.

The bloodthirsty, misogynistic Taliban — who lop off the heads of infidels and torture and rape whomever they please — are comparable to Southern Baptists.

Say what?

At one point in the interview, Moore acknowledged his concern that the Taliban might erase progress for women in Afghanistan — but as leftists often do, he appeared to try his hand at softening that natural observation by emphasizing that America also has problems with "religious fundamentalism," as the magazine termed it.

"They're religious nuts, but we've got those here, too," Moore told Variety. "But [the Taliban] said yesterday in their press conference that girls' schools are going to remain open. Okay. We'll see. They also said they are going to operate under Islamic law. That's exactly how a lot of Southern Baptists want it to be here, too. In a lot of parts of the country, we are following dictates of conservative Christians. It's wrong there, and it's wrong here."

Moore didn't offer examples of Southern Baptists taking over cities from coast to coast and murdering, raping, and pillaging in the process, so the basis for his comparison isn't quite clear.

Anything else?

Elsewhere in the interview, Moore had nothing but praise for President Joe Biden despite his administration's failure in Afghanistan — and added to the magazine that the fellow Democrat made the correct decision.

"Biden will not have one more American soldier die for something that the Afghans don't even want to die for," Moore told Variety. "Ninety-five percent of people agree with what Biden did this week, but if you listen to the reporters in the White House press room, you realize that 95 percent of them seem to be opposed to it."

While Moore campaigned for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during the 2020 presidential race, the filmmaker told the magazine he's "pleasantly surprised" with Biden in regard to the child tax credit, increasing food stamps, and other left-leaning causes.

"I am so pleased with Biden," Moore also told Variety.

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