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Leftist militants bully, physically attack Portland TV news reporter, videographer who dared to enter their 'autonomous zone'
Cellphone video image after militant leftists knocked it from Portland TV news reporter's hand (Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @GenevieveReaume)

Leftist militants bully, physically attack Portland TV news reporter, videographer who dared to enter their 'autonomous zone'

'Call the cops!' one leftist taunted the journalists as they were forced out. 'Go file a police report and see how useful they are!'

A gang of militant leftists were caught on video descending upon a Portland TV news reporter and videographer who dared to enter their "autonomous zone" — and they proceeded to bully, physically attack, and force out the news team.

What's the background?

The "autonomous zone" was set up the same day leftists militants were caught on video chasing Portland police away from the foreclosed house. In fact, they kicked and threw rocks at retreating police vehicles and ran up on cops and appeared to try to steal their equipment while taunting and threatening them as they literally chased officers down a street.

"We ain't f***in' around!" one militant was heard yelling at cops while another leftist declared, "I'll knock you the f*** out, bitch!"

Here's the clip. Content warning: Language:

What happened to the journalists?

With that, reporter Genevieve Reaume and videographer Ric Peavyhouse — both with KATU-TV News — on Tuesday walked past barricades set up around the foreclosed house on North Mississippi Avenue in an attempt to interview occupiers.

And that's when trouble immediately began for them.

"Film crew coming through," a leftist female was heard yelling to her comrades. "They're not our friends!"

As black umbrellas popped up and converged in front of Reaume and Peavyhouse, another militant barked, "Just get outta here, man!"

Soon Peavyhouse's video caught audio of Reaume screaming at the leftists to get away from her — and in fact, they knocked her cellphone from her hand and bloodied her finger.

Here's what Reaume's cellphone documented:

"That's some cold s***t!" one person can be heard saying after the attack.

As the pair were forced to walk out the autonomous zone, one of the militants can be heard threatening the Peavyhouse: "I'll break your f***in' camera, you realize that!"

The same leftist is heard adding, "Touch me one more time and see what happens to your f***in' camera!"

As the pair approach the barricade they earlier breached, the same militant is heard taunting them: "Call the cops! Go file a police report and see how useful they are!"

Here's the main clip of the incident from Peavyhouse. (Content warning: Language):

What did police have to say?

"I certainly am respectful of the issue that people are there to address, but blocking streets and chasing police officers out of the neighborhood is still not OK and really contrary to our values as Portlanders," Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis told the Oregonian Tuesday evening.

Davis added that police "have to be thoughtful about" the situation and go about it "in the right way" and "consider all the angles and do our best to resolve the situation as safely as possible," the paper reported.

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