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Actor John Leguizamo says Latinos were tricked by 'trigger words' to vote Republican because they're 'not as media savvy'
Image Source: The View YouTube video screenshot

Actor John Leguizamo says Latinos were tricked by 'trigger words' to vote Republican because they're 'not as media savvy'

Actor John Leguizamo explained that Latinos had been fooled into voting for Republicans by "trigger words" because they're "not as media savvy" as they should be.

Leguizamo was a guest Wednesday on "The View" when he was asked to explain the Latino vote after the results of the midterm elections.

"We're one of the largest voting blocs, we're also the largest minority in the United States, we're the oldest ethnic group in America. And we vote, but you have to come for us, you have to talk about our issues, you have to knock on our doors," Leguizamo explained.

"You can't take us for granted and expect us to be there for you. The Republicans understand better and they're coming for us, they're putting ads in our Spanish radio stations, on WhatsApp, they come for us. And that's why Latinos are shifting towards them," he added.

"But just come for us, Democrats!" Leguizamo advised.

That explanation wasn't popular with co-host Sunny Hostin, who said that Republicans had targeted Latinos with "fear tactics" and trigger words like socialism and communism. Leguizamo agreed and added:

"We're not as media savvy maybe as we should be, you know what I mean, as a group, so trigger words do get us," said Leguizamo.

"But they get white people too! Trigger words get white people too!" he added.

He went on to use the example of "Make America Great Again," which he said actually meant, "Make America White Again."

Leguizamo also said that the fight between former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the Republican nomination would be entertaining, then added that Trump would destroy the country if he won the presidency.

The actor made headlines when he complained that white people were cast as the leads in an upcoming "Super Mario Bros" movie because he had been cast as Luigi in the 1993 version of the movie. Some pointed out that his claims were hypocritical since he had portrayed various characters throughout his career that were not Latino, as he is.

Leguizamo is best known for lending his voice for the Bruno character in the hit animated movie "Encanto."

Here's the video of Leguizamo's comments:

John Leguizamo Says Trump Has Potential to "Undo" Republican Party If Nominated | The Viewyoutu.be

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