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Liberal anti-Trump activist mocks Christian conservatives and faces a 's**tstorm' of backlash
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Liberal anti-Trump activist mocks Christian conservatives and faces a 's**tstorm' of backlash

Mocking religion while trying to win Georgia is not a smart stategy

Liberal activist Amy Siskind fired off a dismissive tweet mocking conservative Christians and when she checked into her social media account later, she said there was a "s**tstorm" of backlash.

Siskind posted a popular meme that aimed to divide the United States into a country composed of the region with majority liberals united with Canada separated from those regions with majority conservatives.

"Proposed map. NY and CA are sick of supporting these red welfare states!" she tweeted.

The meme also referred to the latter as "Jesusland" to ridicule Christians.

Her missive was immediately met with an onslaught from those defending Christians and the political right.

Siskind deleted the tweet but screenshots were circulated by her critics.

Siskind later tweeted that she returned to her account to find a surprising amount of backlash.

"I sent a tweet in response to Limbaugh's comments on secession that was meant to be cheeky in response to the hypocrisy of the GOP not wanting to "bail out" blue states w/ Covid. It was poorly written and the meme was a bad choice," she said.

"Was offline for a few hours...and came back to the s**tstorm I had caused," she added in a second tweet.

"My apologies to anyone offended. It was just sloppy work and I take the responsibility and will be more careful in constructing what I post. I am always a work in progress, but today I failed. Please accept my apology," she added.

Many on Twitter definitely did not accept her apology.

"Hey @Amy_Siskind, You're a bigot. That seems clear from the map you posted but let me tell ya something, I'd choose Jesusland 100 out of 100 times vs. living in the United Socialist States of leftist virtue signaling that's hypocritically run by a guy who wore blackface for fun," responded director Robby Starbuck.

"So you're copying someone else's map from 2004, taking the whitest states in the Union, and admitting liberals are godless... all in one tweet," responded another social media user.

The phrase "Jesusland" also trended nationally on Twitter as thousands of people responded.

The ridicule of conservative Christians was especially egregious given the Democrats' campaign to win the U.S. Senate by winning two runoff elections in Georgia, a state with conservative and Christian leanings.

Here's more about Siskind's anti-Trump activism:

Trump Is Eroding Democratic Norms So Quickly That We're Numb To It: Amy Sisk | Think | NBC Newswww.youtube.com

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