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Lil Wayne offers financial support to cop who saved his life, reveals God kept him alive during suicide attempt
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Lil Wayne offers financial support to cop who saved his life, reveals God kept him alive during suicide attempt

Lil Wayne recently opened up about his suicide attempt at the age of 12. The rapper revealed that a cop and God kept him alive during the near-death experience.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., revealed that he started having mental health issues when he was about 10 years old. At age 12, he was pretending to be at school when he was actually out in the neighborhood. His mother caught him and planned on punishing him when she returned home from work.

Instead of taking his punishment, which would have barred him from rapping with his friends, Lil Wayne became suicidal. He called the police before going into his mother's bedroom to get her gun. He originally wanted to shoot himself in the head, but then fired a bullet into his chest.

"As a kid, all you remember is that when you're going to see the white and I thought that was the white — I swear to God I did," Lil Wayne said on the podcast "Uncomfortable Conversations."

Lil Wayne said the police were knocking at his front door as he was bleeding out in his home.

"Then, the knocking woke me up out of that, but then they stopped and once they stopped knocking I said, 'OK, they must've left.' It took too long. It took too long for getting me to that death. I was still just laying there and didn't feel a thing, but it was taking too long. So, I said s**t I am here for a reason," he told former NFL player turned podcast host Emmanuel Acho.

"The blood was pouring out of my chest so much that it made it easy for me to slide with my shirt on the wood across the floor," Lil Wayne recalled. "I made it all the way there. All the energy I had left was to kick the door."

Instead of helping the boy who had a gaping bullet hole in his chest, Lil Wayne said the police were too busy looking for drugs and guns in the home. Except for one cop, who refused to let the 12-year-old boy die.

The police officer, who was known as "Uncle Bob," arrived on the scene and yelled at his fellow cops for not "seeing the baby on the floor."

"I was spitting all in his face, blood and everything and all I was trying to tell was I'm not a baby. He kept saying, 'Do you not see the f***ing baby on the ground with a hole in his chest?'"

The rapper continued, "He was screaming at him and he must've been the boss because they all came in the room and was like, 'Oh sorry boss, we called the ambulance.' And he was like, 'I don't give a f***.'"

Uncle Bob picked up Lil Wayne and personally drove him to the hospital, while he told him, "You're not gonna die on me."

Last year when there were anti-cop demonstrations and defund the police movement was surging, Lil Wayne provided his positive experience with law enforcement.

"My life was saved when I was young," Lil Wayne said. "I was 12 or something, I think. Shot myself. I was saved by a white cop, Uncle Bob. So you have to understand ... you have to understand the way I view police, period. I was saved by a white cop."

Uncle Bob is former New Orleans Police Officer Robert Hoobler, who told TMZ that the rapper offered to provide him with financial support if he ever needed it, "telling Bob all he has to do is say the word."

Hoobler said he hasn't taken up Lil Wayne's generous offer, but he may join Weezy's team in an administrative capacity.

Lil Wayne said he met up with Uncle Bob years later, and the former cop said, "I don't want nothing. I just want to say that I'm happy to save a life that matters."

When asked what kept him alive during his suicide attempt, Lil Wayne responded, "God. Plain and simple."

Lil Wayne, 38, mentions the near-death experience and God saving him in his 2018 song, "Let It All Work Out:"

"I aimed where my heart was pounding / I shot it, and I woke up with blood all around me / It's mine, I didn't die, but as I was dying / God came to my side and we talked about it / He sold me another life and he made a prophet."

Lil Wayne says he now prays everyday to help cope with his mental health issues.

Content warning: Explicit language

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