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Someone is vandalizing churches in a Louisiana town, and their latest attack was on Christmas Eve


This is the eighth attack on five churches in the area.

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A community in Louisiana is facing numerous incidents of vandalism at their churches and the latest one occurred on Christmas Eve.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard issued an angry statement against whoever was responsible for the eight incidents at five local churches since July.

"To have the audacity to damage a church this close to the celebration of Jesus' birth is about the lowest thing a person could do," Broussard said.

The Jerusalem Baptist Church had bricks thrown through the glass doors on Christmas Eve, but it wasn't the first time it had been targeted.

In October, police responded to a call about a cinder block being thrown at the door and damaging it.

"These vandals have assured our police department and the public that they absolutely have no regard for anything," Broussard added. "They definitely were not raised with the manners and respect that many of us were. They are the lowest of the low to continue doing this to houses of worship."

The Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church was hit twice, once with a piece of concrete, and previous to that with a brick in October.

Vandals also targeted St. Theresa Catholic Church and First Church of the Nazarene in October. All had glass windows shattered.

Three of the churches targeted were historically black churches, but all of the churches are in predominately African American neighborhoods.

"You know, this is a sacred place," said Pastor Sherard Morton Joseph. "This is a temple of God, and you can elude the local authorities, but you can't elude God."

Here's a news report about the church vandalism:

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