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A 65-year-old man gets a nasty surprise when he sits down on his toilet — and finds out the hard way that there's a 5-foot snake inside the bowl

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

An albino python bit an Austrian man's genitals as the man sat down to use his toilet Monday morning.

What are the details?

According to Newsweek, a 65-year-old Graz man sat down on his toilet around 6 a.m. local time only to feel what he described as a "tweak" in the area of his genitals.

When the unnamed victim got up and looked into the bowl, he saw a 5-foot-long albino python staring him in the face, the report added. The victim was then transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries. He is expected to recover.

The snake, according to local reports, belongs to the man's 24-year-old neighbor, who is described as a "reptile enthusiast" whose apartment holds 10 other snakes and more.

The albino reticulated python, a constrictor native to Asia, can grow to more than 30 feet long.

Live Science reports that smaller pythons typically eat mainly rodents, lizards, and small birds. Larger pythons are said to consume mammals as large as monkeys, wallabies, antelope, and pigs.

It is not known at the time of this reporting how the neighbor's massive snake ended up in the victim's toilet, but police say that it is possible that it entered the toilet through the sewer system.

Werner Stangl, a local reptile expert, arrived at the victim's home to remove the snake from the toilet — a task he said was difficult because the snake had reportedly pressed itself against the pipe, Kronen Zeitung reported.

Authorities say that the neighbor could potentially face negligent assault charges.

What else?

In April, a Malaysia man was taken to a local hospital after a 10-foot snake was believed to have bitten the man on his backside as he sat down on a toilet.

The chief of a local fire brigade said that it's not uncommon for snakes to end up in area toilets during the hotter months.

"The python was successfully caught using a snake pole and has since been released from the housing area," the chief said at the time. "Snakes usually come out during this hot season to spot for cool and wet spots."

In 2020, a Thai man said that a 4-foot snake bit his genitals as he sat on a toilet.

According to TMZ, the 18-year-old snake bite victim said that he sat down on his toilet only to feel sudden "tremendous pain" as a python bit his genital area.

"The young man said as soon as the snake let go, blood sprayed everywhere," the outlet reported. "His mom tried to calm him until paramedics arrived, and took him to a hospital. He needed three stitches on this tip of his ... dear God ... you get the picture."

The snake was eventually removed from the victim's toilet and released.

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