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Man goes off on 'British f***ing police' who allegedly bashed through his front door 'to make sure there's nothing going on' amid COVID-19 lockdown


His F-bomb barrage is quite the jaw-dropper, indeed

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

An expletive-filled cellphone video is circulating on social media recorded by a man who calls out "British f***ing police" after he said they broke through his front door.


"We've had a call, haven't we?" a woman officer tells the man as she stands in his hallway accompanied by three male officers.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

She adds to the resident that police received a "disturbance" call and that the officers "need to check the rooms to make sure there's nothing going on."

"We've had a call that there might be something going on here, so we need to double check," she also told the man recording the video.

None of the officers were wearing gloves or masks upon entering the residence, and it isn't clear from the video what department the officers represent or when the incident occurred. The clip was posted Monday to Twitter.

'What are you doing in my house?'

"What are you doing in my house?" the man asks the officers, growing agitated and refusing to give his name.

The woman officer told the man — after he remarked incredulously "so you kick me door in?" — that had he opened the door, police would've explained why they needed to enter.

"I told you why I wouldn't open the door is because of what's going 'round, this virus, now f*** off and get out of 'ere!" the irate man yells at the officers.

As the cops open doors inside the residence and check for signs of an illegal gathering, he hollers at a male officer, "Have a look d**khead! Nothing going here, is there?"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

The resident also calls the officers "f***ing pathetic," an "absolute disgrace," and says they have "nothing else" taking up their time.

As the woman officer begins putting on safety gloves and speaking to the man recording the video, he tells her to "shut your f***ing mouth, you f***ing brain-dead c**t!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

"Get the f*** out, the lot of ya!" he hollers at the officers as they finally leave the premises.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

'British f***ing police'

With that, the man inspects the damage and says the "f***ing idiots broke my f***ing door."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

"Look at the f***ing state of it, you f***ing knobheads!" he laments by his busted door as the clip comes to an end. "F*** my life!" (In case you're wondering, "knobhead" is vulgar British slang for a stupid person.)

Here's the video. (Content warning: F-bomb laden language, as if you couldn't already tell):

Anything else?

Police have been getting called out in the United Kingdom by residents who say they're going overboard in efforts to enforce social distancing.

Last week, TheBlaze reported about a U.K. cop caught on video telling a man he isn't allowed to sit in his own front garden due to the government's COVID-19 lockdown. The officer also chastised the man for wanting to go to the supermarket twice — and that she saw him out earlier after making a nonessential purchase: "You've already been to the shop once; I've seen you with two cans of pop."

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