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Man goes viral for using bucket truck to visit elderly mother on the third floor of her nursing home


She loves trucks

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One Pennsylvania man was dead set on visiting his elderly mother, who lives in a nursing home during the COVID-19 outbreak — so he decided to put his company's bucket truck to use and visit her in a rather unconventional way.

What are the details?

Charley Adams, 45, told ABC's "Good Morning America" that his mother, 80-year-old Julia Adams, lives on the third floor of a nursing home in New Middletown, Ohio.

She'd been asking him to take her to dinner in recent weeks, but didn't seem to understand that the area — including her assisted living facility — was in lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic.

"[She] kept calling me and saying she wanted to go out to dinner," said Charley, who owns Adams Tree Preservation. "I kept explaining to her, 'Mom, that's not possible. ... You can't do that right now.' She was getting a little bit frustrated and disappointed."

Charley said that he was desperate to see his mother — who refused to take no for an answer — and cheer her up, so he drove his bucket truck to her facility and visited her from outside the window of her room.

Charley said that he phoned his mother and said, "'I'm right outside your window."

Julia, who came to the window, was tickled when she saw him outside the facility.

"She [said], 'Oh, my awesome kid, what are you doing?'" Charley recalled. "[My mother] loves trucks. When I was a little boy, she used to take me to look at trucks, tractors, and other equipment."

What else?

According to "GMA," Charley shared the story to his Facebook page, where it quickly went viral and caught the attention of strangers as well as the Adams' family and friends.

"[Friends and family] are calling her," he added. "It's been really great because of all the phone calls really cheer her up."

Charley added that he's hoping the story will spread some joy and positivity, even if briefly.

“If this little story can make somebody, even if it's just for two seconds, smile," he said. "It means we're doing something right."

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