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Man reportedly admits to bludgeoning woman to death with hatchet, bolt cutters, and bongo drums because the Quran made it clear he should


He smiled after being charged

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A deeply troubled man in Washington state has been charged with premeditated murder after reportedly admitting to police that he violently bludgeoned a woman to death using a hatchet, bolt cutters, and bongo drums.

In interviews with law enforcement following his arrest this week, 41-year-old Tyrone Wells Jr., reportedly said he knew his victim, 32-year-old Randee Rios, quite well. The two reportedly enjoyed a physical relationship for a number of years before he allegedly realized upon reading the Quran that he needed to end her life.

Wells, who was reportedly high on methamphetamines and hadn't slept in four days, had invited Rios over to spend the night on Saturday, March 26, KING-TV reported.

He later told police he had been reading the Quran prior to Rios coming over and recalled "that verses in the Quran seemed to indicate to him that it would be necessary for him to kill Rios."

Though, according to court documents, he did add: "For the record ... I’m not trying to throw that religion thing in there as a defense."

Wells said that by the time Rios arrived, he had already decided to kill her. He even reportedly woke her up early in the morning, tapping her on the side of the head with a battery charger because he "wanted her to be fully aware of what he was about to do to her."

He then used a hatchet given to him by Rios' own mother to strike Rios in the head several times, police said. From there, he allegedly switched to bludgeoning her with a set of bongo drums, and later, bolt cutters until she died.

Immediately following the horrific murder, Wells called his mother, who instructed him to call the police., but before dialing 911, Wells tried to contact his neighbor to see if they would smoke pot with him, but they weren't home at the time, authorities said.

According to officials, Wells finally alerted police at 7:21 a.m. to confess to his crime. He reportedly told officers, "The murder was on my account ... I murdered her"

When officers arrived, they discovered Wells covered in blood and a woman lying face down on the floor with several gashes on her body and "major trauma about the head." Wells was arrested on the scene.

The Seattle Times reported that the incident took place in an apartment building on the 17500 block of Linden Avenue North in Shoreline, Washington.

According to KING, Wells repeatedly asked officers what crime he would be charged with and smiled when they told him "murder in the first degree," which includes the element "premeditation."

"I said that word (earlier)," he said, according to court documents.

Wells is being held in King County Jail on a bond of $5 million, due to the "extreme danger" he poses to the community. Police reportedly asked him if he "heard voices," but Wells said he did not.

A friend of Rios' has set up a GoFundMe page to assist her family with covering funeral expenses. On the fundraiser page, it says that Rios is survived by her 9-year-old son, Ethan.

Gruesome Shoreline murder leaves neighbors, police 'in shock' www.youtube.com

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