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Man threatens to kill homeowner, throws bricks through window, tries to get into house — but homeowner has a gun: 'Unfortunately, I had to shoot him'

JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images

Trouble for a homeowner in Wichita, Kansas, started when a 40-year-old man was pounding on his neighbor's house around 7 p.m. Monday, KWCH-TV reported.

With that, the homeowner told the man to stop what he was doing, the station said.

But instead of stopping, the man turned his attention to the homeowner who told him to stop — and began attacking his residence, KWCH said.

What went down next?

The man came over and tried ramming the homeowner's door with a post, the station said — and it just got worse from there.

"Threw two bricks through my window and tried to crawl through ... my window and told me he was going to kill me and kinds of other things," the homeowner, who didn't want to be identified, recalled to KWCH.

The homeowner was hoping that authorities would arrive before he was forced to defend himself, the station said.

And the homeowner chose to exercise his Second Amendment rights as a way of defending himself should the need arise — and said as much after he dialed 911.

"I was on the phone and I was telling the cops, 'Get here. Please get here. I don't want to shoot this man. Please get here,'" the homeowner noted to KWCH.

Soon the homeowner had no other choice: "Unfortunately, I had to shoot him," he told the station.

What happened to the suspect?

After arriving at the home in the 2500 block of East Wilma, officers found the suspect with a gunshot wound and rushed him to a hospital in critical condition, KWCH reported.

The homeowner told the station he hopes the man doesn't die. But he also indicated he wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger if a similar scenario occurred again.

"I pray to God he survives and makes it through and gets the help he needs and doesn't try to come back over here," the homeowner told KWCH, "or the same result will happen."

Police told the station they aren't sure about charges and that the incident is still under investigation.

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