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'It's not right': Ex-NFL star speaks out against transgender athletes in women's sports, says he'd pull his daughters out

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Former NFL player and Pro Bowler Marcellus Wiley took to Twitter recently to express his dismay with men who identify as females competing against women in women's sports categories.

Wiley said that while he had no issue with transgender people overall, he remained steadfast in his position.

"I have no issue with transgenders. I do have an issue with athletes who are transgendered trying to participate going from a transition of a man to a woman and now playing with the women," Wiley remarked.

Wiley then expressed that he would not allow his daughters to compete against any transgender athletes either.

"Y'all can try and Dave Chappelle me all y'all want. I am very clear on this. You can be a transgender, you can be the homie, but I’ll be damned if a male at birth turns into a female and tries to compete against my daughters. She ain’t out there. We out.

"Don’t make this a human rights issue – this is a biological issue. Simple as that. Trust me, I am a man," he added.

"Why can't the dudes who transition to women actually empower women and compete against the men?" Wiley then asked.

"I hate saying fair, but it’s just not even right. Forget fair, it’s not right," he concluded.

Wiley's video is a rare, prepared video statement, as opposed to an off-the-cuff remark, for which most athletes end up apologizing. Wiley is not shy about speaking on would-be controversial topics, however, also defending Tiger Woods' recent prank, where he handed a competitor a tampon at a tournament.

Woods later apologized for the joke.

"We can't even have jokes no more?!" Wiley asked.

Recently in the U.K., a middle-aged man angered parents by playing in a cricket league with girls as young as 12. The player even injured an umpire and a young girl, who was unable to compete for months afterward.

Wiley hosts a podcast called "More To It with Marcellus Wiley," self-described as a "uniquely entertaining journey around the sports-entertainment-cultural landscape."

Wiley played 10 seasons in the NFL, predominantly with the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers.

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