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Mayor Eric Adams admits influx of illegal aliens under Biden 'will destroy New York City'

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) used to have to travel by plane to feign heartbreak at the fallout of what she claimed was a "manufactured crisis." Owing to the Biden administration's failure to secure the southern border, Ocasio-Cortez recently admitted she has been spared the need to leave New York City for a repeat performance, as "this crisis is in our own backyard."

Ocasio-Cortez is not the only open-borders and sanctuary city champion in NYC now unable to ignore the devastating impact of Democratic policies and mismanagement.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams' campaign to have fliers distributed at the U.S.-Mexico border telling illegal immigrants not to make life more difficult for him appears to have failed, leaving him at wit's end.

At a town hall on the Upper West Side Wednesday night, Adams stressed that "this issue will destroy New York City."

"Let me tell you something, New Yorkers: never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don't see an ending to this," said Adams. "We're getting 10,000 migrants a month. One time, we were just getting Venezuela. Now we're getting Ecuador. Now we're getting Russian-speaking coming through Mexico. Now we're getting Western Africa. Now we're getting people from all over the globe that made their minds up that they're gonna come through the southern border and coming to New York City."

The New York Times indicated that over 100,000 illegal aliens have stormed the city, overwhelming services intended for down and out American citizens. Having had its 200 shelters maxed out, the city has been dumping illegal aliens into humanitarian centers, converted hotels, school gymnasiums, and religious buildings, as well as imploring citizens to do what Adams is unwilling to do himself: bring the unwelcome guests into their homes.

The city is also looking to enroll nearly 20,000 migrant children in public schools this fall, which may similarly have an adverse impact on the legal population.

Though apparently unwilling to stem the flood of illegal traffic into the country, the Biden administration has suggested that NYC offload its problem to federal-owned facilities farther afield, such as a tax office on Long Island and Atlantic City International Airport, reported Bloomberg.

However, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) appears keen to respect NYC's sanctuary status, stating, "We cannot and will not force other parts of our state to shelter migrants, nor are we going to be asking these migrants to move to other parts of the state against their will."

The cost to NYC of reaping the whirlwind of Democrats' open-border policies and sanctuary city invitations has grown to at least $12 billion just to house and care for the illegal aliens. This price tag has prompted Adams to demand that the Biden and Hochul administrations "step up."

Adams underscored Wednesday, "We have a $12 billion deficit that we’re going to have to cut. Every service in this city is going to be impacted, all of us."

"I said it last year when we had 15,000 and I'm telling you now with 110,000. The city we knew, we're about to lose, and we are all in this together, all of us," he added.

Adams took a not-so-subtle shot at President Joe Biden, noting that "month after month I stood up and said this is gonna come to a neighborhood near you. Well, we're here, we're getting no support on this national crisis."

While the mayor made a veiled dig at Biden, he saved his most vicious barb for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has bused illegal aliens to sanctuary cities around the nation, proving every time leftists' rhetoric to be hollow. Even though the Republican governor is desperately trying to solve their shared problem — having his latest effort thwarted once again by the Biden administration and a federal judge — Adams suggested Abbott is a "madman."

TheBlaze recently noted that a new Siena College poll found that 82% of New Yorkers called the migrant crisis serious and 52% called it "very serious," having likely become unable to ignore the multitudes of illegal aliens straining the system, some of whom are contributing to the city's worsening crime.

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) emphasized that this is a "crisis of their own making."

"It's very similar to cashless bail," said Lawler. "When you create a sanctuary city policy that invites migrants to come regardless of their status, you are going to get a lot of people coming, and now they can't handle the influx."

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