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Media had a field day with Muslim hockey coach who said a parent asked him to resign over Islamic faith. Now his story has started to completely unravel.



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A Muslim kids' hockey coach says that a parent sent him an unnerving and racist message earlier in October.

Except reports have surfaced insisting that the coach's claims don't add up.

What are the details?

Talha Javaid, 23, told Yahoo Sports Canada that he was taken aback by the message, which reportedly came from a parent named "Chase."

A portion of the alleged message read, "I don't want to make this into an issue and really hope you would consider resigning and not coaching hockey, it goes against tradition and I'm sure there are others who feel the same way. I really don't want to pull my son from the team either but would have to think about that if you're the coach."

"Chase" also insisted that he was concerned about the possible "effect" Javaid would have on the man's son.

Javaid told the outlet that he and a friend often travel from his home Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to East Lansing, Michigan, to provide free clinics for young players ages 5 to 8 years old.

"I was like, 'What. the. hell,'" Javaid, who was originally born in Pakistan, told Yahoo Sports Canada of the alleged message.

He shared a tweet two days after reportedly receiving the message. His tweet, which went viral, read, "Yooo im gonna go be a racist ass muppet today and tell someone they shouldnt coach hockey because they're not white, can't wait!!"

Javaid's tweets however, are now protected.

"People think that what happens in the USA doesn't affect Canada? They're wrong," he told the outlet. “I remember 9/11, and what happened the next day. I got bullied by older kids at my school. I was 5 years old."

Javaid said that even President Donald Trump's election has affected him.

"After Trump was elected, one of the guys on my rec team told me he didn't want a Muslim guy being his captain," Javaid insisted. “I told him 'This is a you problem.' I had the most points on the team and he had like two. I got the playing time I deserved, and I didn't even bring it up with the coach."

What's happening now?

Javaid reportedly told a Yahoo Sports reporter that he was holding the clinic at an ice skating rink in East Lansing, Michigan.

According to WILX-TV, Javaid has never held a skating or hockey clinic there, and employees at Suburban Ice say that they've never even heard of Javaid before.

WILX decided to visit ice rinks all across the East Lansing region, and the response was much the same: No one had ever heard of Javaid or his "free clinic."

The station also reported that Javaid has a history of sensational accusations of racism.

In 2017, Javaid told the Windsor Star that he left an ice rink only to discover a racist message.

Javaid told the Star that the 2017 note read, "[Expletive, expletive]! Stop coming to the rink! [Expletive, expletive] Muslim! Go Home! Make Canada Great Again." The note also reportedly contained the acronym "MAGA."

He has since protected his tweets and has not publicly spoken about this new alleged incident.

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