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Meghan McCain says she is 'furious' that the media gives a pass to males defending President Trump


"We would be hysterical maniac crazy bi**hes all over the internet..."

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Meghan McCain blasted the behavior of male pundits in the media defending President Donald Trump, saying that they got a pass despite acting like "hysterical maniac crazy bi**hes."

McCain made the comments during a conversation on "The View" about recent statements from Rudy Giuliani and other defenders of the president.

"When you're bringing up the deep state, when you're blaming the media, you've already lost," McCain said.

"I will say, if any of the women on this show behaved the way some of the men were behaving, we would be hysterical maniac crazy bi**hes all over the internet, and these guys get away with behaving like that," she added while the audience applauded loudly.

"They have come undone," responded co-host Sunny Hostin.

"I was so angry!" she exclaimed.

"But the blatant sexism, the way some of these men are being covered and the way we're covered in the media — I was furious!" McCain continued.

"I was, like, if any of us went on TV, dropping F-bombs, screaming into the camera in, like, this direct way with props behind us, we would all be fired," she concluded.

McCain is often the lone defender of conservatism among the otherwise left-wing voices on "The View," but she has also been openly critical of Trump and the policies of his administration.

Here's the video of McCain's comments:

Republicans Struggle to Defend Trump, Part 2 | The View www.youtube.com

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