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Meghan McCain: Under Trump's leadership, character in Republican Party 'seems to be gone'


'Now it seems like lying, well, it's OK'

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Meghan McCain, known these days for being the powerhouse conservative voice on "The View," explained Saturday why she no longer considers herself a Republican, though still being a strong conservative who votes on the Republican ticket.

What did McCain say?

Without the leadership of her father, the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) who tragically lost his battle with brain cancer last summer, McCain told CNN's Van Jones that the character of the Republican Party — now led by President Donald Trump — "seems to be gone."

"I call myself conservative. I mean, I'm still a member of the Republican Party and I still vote on the Republican ticket, but Republicanism is so tied up with being for Trump," McCain said, adding that she's not a "NeverTrumper," and is doing her best to navigate today's complex political landscape.

"I understand Trump supporters, I understand why they voted for him. I also understand why people think he's tearing this country apart and the end times are coming," McCain explained.

Later in the interview, McCain explained why she believes the Republican Party will be forever changed by Trump's presidency, which she said isn't necessarily positive.

"Its character seems to be gone," McCain said, adding that when she grew up conservatives and character went hand-in-glove.

"Now it seems like lying, well, it's OK, it's a little nebulous. Stealing, it's a little nebulous. I just don't think those are American characteristics. It scares me a lot," McCain said.

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