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Megyn Kelly's indictment of media after Club Q tragedy speaks even louder after newest revelation
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Megyn Kelly's indictment of media after Club Q tragedy speaks even louder after newest revelation

Megyn Kelly slammed the media on Tuesday for exploiting violence — like the massacre at LGBT nightclub Club Q — to score political points.

What is the background?

Democrats and the media seized on the Club Q shooting to argue that opposition to the progressive LGBT agenda is responsible for the horrific massacre.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins, for example, went viral on Tuesday for placing blame for the Club Q attack, and other similar tragedies, at the feet of conservative media, targeting specifically Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Anything but full-throated acceptance of the progressive LGBT agenda is the same as inciting violence against the LGBT community, the narrative alleges.

What did Kelly say?

During the opening of her SiriusXM radio show, Kelly hammered Democrats and the mainstream media for using the massacre to blame their political enemies.

"The left and Democratic leaders continuing to place blame on conservatives before the motive is even known in connection with this Colorado nightclub shooting,” Kelly said. "I mean this happens every time — every time.

"Nancy Pelosi going as far as to accuse people who supported Donald Trump’s presidency for the deadly shooting," she scoffed. “They can’t even respect the dead for 2 minutes. I mean before the bodies get cold, they want to pin it on politics.

“Can we wait and see? 'Cause this guy pulled guns on and threatened to bomb his own mother a year ago, so it’s possible he had some mental health problems that were unresolved," she continued. "It’s a situation similar to the Nancy Pelosi attack on her husband by this guy who was clearly a lunatic, whose most recent writings seemed out there and aligned with Q-Anon, but we’re talking about a mentally unwell person."

Media Tries to Smear the Right For Horrific Mass Shooting in Colorado, with Clay Traviswww.youtube.com

Later in the show, Kelly targeted the media who claim the Club Q massacre is "right-wing-inspired violence" in which the Republican Party, Donald Trump, and conservative commentator Matt Walsh are responsible.

"Somehow, because this is a gay club, LGBTQ, this is their fault. It's a pattern. We've seen it so many times, but it still is alarming — and it's deeply immoral," Kelly said.

Her guest, Clay Travis, agreed. In fact, the media is culpable, he suggested, because they help make mass killers famous, they ignore the everyday violence that occurs across the nation, and they do not help discover a real solution to violence.

Kelly agreed.

"The media completely ignores what's happening in Baltimore, what's happening in Chicago, what's happening in Philadelphia," she said. "They don’t care. They only care about these things because they can look for what they think is a political motive, or in any case ... they can look for the guns."

What about the newest revelation?

The rush to blame right-wing media and Republicans looks incredibly foolish after court documents revealed the Club Q perpetrator is non-binary and uses "they/them" pronouns.

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