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Megyn Kelly leaves Glenn Beck in stitches over her plan for Don Lemon's 'how not to be a misogynist' re-education

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Megyn Kelly shared her list of suggestions for Don Lemon's "re-education" after CNN refused to fire him for sexist comments he made about Republican Nikki Haley.

After Lemon suggested Haley, 51, is past her "prime," CNN sidelined Lemon and internally rebuked him. But the network did not fire him. Instead, CNN executives allowed Lemon to return to "CNN This Morning," the show that he co-anchors with two women, on Wednesday after he agreed to submit to "formal training," presumably on how not to demean women.

What did Kelly say?

Speaking with Glenn Beck on her SiriusXM show, Kelly shared eight suggestions for what "Don Lemon's formal training on how not to be a misogynist" should look like.

The list, which left Beck repeatedly laughing, included:

  1. "Women are not damaged goods when they hit 40."
  2. "Rape victims don't need your lecture on how to respond to their rape."
  3. "Women forgetting a fact do not have 'mommy brain.' They're — human."
  4. "Screaming at your female co-anchor because she interrupted you to the point where she runs away is considered rude and unprofessional."
  5. "Postponing an ad break to mansplain to said co-anchor in front of the audience how to properly conduct an interview is an act of, and this is a technical term, douchebaggery."
  6. "Defending sexism with 'some of my best friends are women' would not excuse racism — 'some of my best friends are black — and it doesn't excuse sexism."
  7. "'I’m going to continue to be me' ... is not an acceptable plan when 'me' is a guy that clearly loathes women."
  8. "When under fire for misogyny, try to at least look and act sorry."

The list cites many of Lemon's other infamous comments and incidents with women.

Number two, for example, refers to a 2014 interview with a Bill Cosby rape victim, while number three refers to something he told a CNN colleague just last year. Numbers six and seven refer to what Lemon told his CNN colleagues on an editorial call last Friday, while numbers four and five refers to incidents that allegedlyhappened just weeks ago.

Kelly's last point refers to Lemon's trip to Miami amid the controversy.

According to Kelly, the only reason Lemon could enjoy a short vacation as he endured heat for his comments is because he is a "black, gay male who is uncancellable at CNN."

"That's the third thing — black, gay, liberal man, who gets the protections that the rest of America doesn't get," Kelly said.

CNN Is Refusing to Fire Don Lemon so Megyn Kelly Has a "Re-Education Camp" for Him, with Glenn Beckwww.youtube.com

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