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'Paid $190K to do nothing': Former Meta employee says company hoarded talent, did 'fake work'

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A former recruiter for social media giant Meta says that she was paid to effectively do no work, as she claims that the company was on-boarding talent in effort to keep personnel away from its competition.

Fox News reports that a woman named Madelyn Machado posted a video to her TikTok account that claims Meta over-hired in an attempt to keep talent from the competition, which amounted to thousands of employees doing "fake work."

"Getting paid $190K to do nothing at Meta," she said in a TikTok video that now appears to have been deleted.

Despite being hired as a recruiter, Machado said that new recruiters were told not to hire any new employees for upwards of a year and were instead put to work doing onboarding and training and conducting team meetings.

"Every recruiter I knew had been reached out to by Meta, and they had been interviewed by Meta. I got my offer so quickly I thought it was a scam," Machado said.

"They had the most recruiters out of everybody, and they were doing that so they could hire all the talent, and if no other companies had great recruiters because they were all doing nothing, getting paid 200-400-500 thousand dollars at Meta to do nothing, they’re not going to your company. That’s true, it worked, it was a great strategy," the recruiter added.

In another video, Machado allegedly stated that while she enjoyed the pay, her job at Meta wasn't satisfactory due to how closely her social media profiles were scrutinized.

Machado complained that the company found some of her social media posts to be inappropriate, such as an instance when she suggested websites for viewers to use to negotiate higher salaries at their jobs.

"When I got written up at Meta for the third time for my social media, I had to sit through 20 of my TikToks and go through each one and answer the question, ‘Do you think this is appropriate? Do you believe this is a conflict of interest?" she reportedly said.

In yet another video, Machado poses herself the question "Why would you risk your six-figure tech job just so you can post on social media?? Sharing career content isn't worth it," she said before answering her question.

"Freedom, being able to help women double and triple their salaries [over] helping companies lowball candidates, spend more time with my daughter as a single mom."

Meta has not yet replied to requests for comment.

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