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Backlash against Democratic leaders begins, longtime business leaves Minneapolis after being destroyed in riots


Leaders failed to adequately respond to growing civil unrest quickly

Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The city of Minneapolis is led by Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey. The city council is composed of 12 Democrats and one member of the Green Party.

And now, a longtime manufacturing business is immediately relocating away from Minneapolis after Democratic leaders failed to protect the city, instead allowing violence to overrun it in the wake of George Floyd's tragic death.

Kris Wyrobek, owner of 7-Sigma Inc., which produces "high-performance polymer and metal components and assemblies," told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he is relocating his business after Minneapolis officials allowed his factory to be destroyed in the riots.

"They don't care about my business," Wyrobek said. "They didn't protect our people. We were all on our own."

The factory was unfortunately destroyed by a fire when protesters targeted a neighboring apartment complex that was under construction. According to Wyrobek, firefighters did not bother fighting those flames, which allowed the blaze to engulf his business.

"The fire engine was just sitting there, but they wouldn't do anything," Wyrobek said.

According to the Star Tribune, thousands of businesses were damaged in the violence, with a repair price tag in the hundreds of millions.

The city's first survey of property damage shows that nearly 1,000 commercial properties in Minneapolis were damaged during the riots, including 52 businesses that were completely destroyed and 30 other locations that sustained severe damage.

Owners and insurance experts estimate the costs of the damage could exceed $500 million. That would make the Twin Cities riots the second-costliest civil disturbance in U.S. history, trailing only those in Los Angeles in 1992, which were also sparked by racial tensions with police and had $1.4 billion in damages in today's dollars.

As TheBlaze reported, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) is seeking taxpayer money, via the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to pay for the damage in Minneapolis.

However, FEMA is unlikely to grant such a request if history proves correct.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) sought millions in FEMA aid following the 2015 Baltimore riots, but the agency denied the request.

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