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Minnesota city recognizes 'Abortion Providers Appreciation Day' to 'celebrate' abortionists' 'high-quality care'


'Movements like this are indicative of the moral decline occurring in Minnesota and across our country'

Matthew Busch/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In St. Paul, Minnesota, Tuesday officially marks "Abortion Providers Appreciation Day" in the city after the city council decided to wade into the national debate on the right to life last week.

According a city council resolution that passed Wednesday, "Abortion Providers Appreciation Day" is meant to "honor the memory" of abortionist David Gunn, killed on March 10, 1993, as well as "to combat the stigma that many abortion providers and clinic staff face, and to celebrate the courage, compassion, and high-quality care they provide."

As reasons for officially setting aside Tuesday as a day to celebrate people who end unborn babies' lives, the resolution said that the Supreme Court "now contains a majority of Justices who may not interpret the Constitution to provide protection for the right to end a pregnancy and may overturn or severely limit Roe v. Wade" and claimed that "abortion providers must be accessible in order for people to make real decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures."

The resolution passed unanimously with a vote of 7-0.

The measure also called abortion "one of the safest medical procedures in the United States" — despite the fact that it must result in the willful termination of a human life in order to be successful.

Of course, last week's vote didn't go through without drawing some pro-life pushback.

Minnesota state Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R) criticized the decision on Twitter, calling it "bizarre."

"I believe we should protect human life from conception to natural death," Gazelka wrote. "But why would the St.Paul city council choose to 'celebrate' abortion? Some may think it's a necessary evil, but to celebrate abortion is bizarre."

GOP state Sen. Mark Johnson said that he was "saddened" and "disturbed" by the city council's decision in a prepared statement.

"Movements like this are indicative of the moral decline occurring in Minnesota and across our country," Johnson stated. "As a father of three, I understand the sanctity of life and the joy that children bring to this world. Instead of celebrating abortion providers and their destructive habits, let's take a moment to celebrate life and our local organizations who are on the front lines protecting women's and children's health."

But Tuesday's celebration of abortion providers and the execution of their chosen profession wasn't limited to the city of St. Paul. Multiple pro-abortion organizations also marked the date on social media, with some sharing a graphic that encouraged others to "join the celebration."

Last month, the question of whether or not any abortion advocates actually celebrate abortion briefly became a topic of debate, following then-Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang's comment that "we have to get back to the point where no one is suggesting that we be celebrating an abortion at any point in the pregnancy."

A CNN opinion writer tried to counter that "nobody 'celebrates abortion,'" and his assertion was subsequently met with numerouscounter-examples in rebuttal. Now it would appear that such rebuttals have been given even more evidence to back up their case.

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