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Rachel Maddow's ratings collapse after Mueller probe closes — and she's not the only one


MSNBC and CNN viewers were depressed, but Fox News viewers were triumphant

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MSNBC headliner Rachel Maddow saw her ratings plummet after the special counsel Robert Mueller investigation closed without the promised bang, and she's not the only one.

According to the Associated Press, Maddow saw a hefty drop of 19 percent of her ratings on Monday from her average this year, to about 2.5 million.

Tuesday was worse, with 2.3 million viewers for the progressive show.

Fox News ratings soared, with Maddow's counterpart, Sean Hannity, seeing a skyrocketing increase of 33 percent from his average to 4 million viewers on Monday.

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham saw similar ratings increases at Fox News, while CNN and other MSNBC shows saw their ratings collapse.

The delivery of the Mueller report in the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference and alleged collusion with the Trump campaign was devastating to the collusion narrative pitched on many of the non-Fox shows.

While Fox News regularly dominates the cable news ratings war, MSNBC saw a jump in ratings recently from their anti-Trump coverage. That small bump has disappeared in the wake of the end of the Mueller report.

The president didn't fare as well as Fox News did in recent polling. An SSRS poll released Wednesday shows that less than half of Americans believe the conclusion of the Mueller report exonerated the president, while more than half said they believe it didn't exonerate him.

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