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A surprising new poll says how many Americans believe Trump has been totally exonerated of collusion


Here's how much public opinion has been swayed by the Barr summary

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A surprising poll from CNN shows just how many Americans believe President Donald Trump is totally exonerated of accusations of colluding with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election.

The poll conducted by SSRS shows that a majority of Americans believe the president has not been completely exonerated, while slightly less than a majority say he has been exonerated.

In the poll, 56 percent say the president and his campaign have not been exonerated, while 43 percent say he and his campaign have been exonerated.

Democrats have been demanding more information since Attorney General William Barr issued a summary of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller on Russian election interference and alleged collusion by the Trump campaign.

Republicans, meanwhile, have denounced media pundits who have been using unsubstantiated accusations from Democrats as a cudgel to beat down the president and his supporters for the past two years.

Trump responded to the report being released by saying it was "total exoneration" in a tweet.

The CNN poll shows that Americans are still divided on the subject.

The poll says that Americans are divided on the issue based on partisan identity, with 77 percent of Republicans saying the report exonerated Trump's campaign, while 80 percent of Democrats say the campaign was not exonerated.

CNN pointed out that the 43 percent who said Trump was exonerated is nearly identical with the 42 percent saying in an earlier poll that the president had not colluded, meaning the Barr report changed public opinion very little.

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