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Pregnant American stranded in Afghanistan who was targeted by Taliban speaks out in powerful interview

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The American woman whom Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said was targeted by the Taliban after being left behind by American forces in Afghanistan broke her silence on Friday.

What is the background?

On Tuesday, Issa relayed the heartbreaking story of a pregnant American woman who he called "Nasria." He explained that Nasria made "multiple attempts" to enter the Kabul airport, but was unable to reach safety before U.S. forces departed Afghanistan.

During one of her trips to the airport, Issa explained that "she was kicked in the stomach" by the Taliban. Now, rescuers are trying to draw up rescue plans, Issa said.

"We've agreed that she's going to stay sheltered in place, hiding her identity and hoping that her friends will continue to bring her food and keep her secret until frankly we can come up with something new," the California Republican explained.

What did Nasria say?

In an exclusive interview with Voice of America, Nasria recounted her harrowing experience desperately trying to enter the Kabul airport.

"It was so hard to just get on a flight. There was (sic) a couple days where we had to sleep on streets. People were literally stepping over people. That's how bad it was," Nasria explained.

"There's been days, you know, where I think to myself, 'Am I going to make it home? Am I going to end up living here? Am I going to end up dying here?" Nasria said.

According to VOA, Nasria traveled to Afghanistan in June to visit family and marry her now-husband. But when the Taliban swiftly took control of Kabul, Nasria's plane ride out of Afghanistan was reportedly canceled.

Nasria said the State Department gave her directions about where to wait, promising that she would be permitted to enter the Kabul airport. But despite waiving her American passport at Taliban fighters — a signal the Biden administration promised would allow Americans to cross through Taliban checkpoints — the Taliban forcibly prevented Nasria from getting into the airport.

"Our troops were literally at the gate just waiting for us to continue walking and they had blocked us," she said. "There was a time that like, I went past them and started walking as fast as I can, and they started shooting right by my leg and told me to come back."

Nasria explained the State Department has once again promised they will rescue her, but she doubts they will follow through on that promise.

"If I was only 15 steps away from the airport, and I was told people are going to come out of the airport to get me— so what hope am I supposed to have now?" Nasria said.

Pregnant American Biden Abandoned In Afghanistan: “Am I Going To End Up Dying Here?” www.youtube.com

The Biden administration claims fewer than 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan. However, some Republican lawmakers are questioning that figure.

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