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Nevada announces it will not update election results until Thursday


Thousands of mail-in ballots still have not been counted

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Nevada will not update the state's election results until Thursday, as its poll workers haven't yet counted all of the state's mail-in ballots.

What are the details?

According to Newsweek, "thousands" of mail-in ballots have still not been counted.

The state's elections division said that mail-in ballots received on Election Day, ballots arriving by mail over the upcoming week, and provisional ballots had not yet been counted as of Wednesday morning.

In a statement, the Nevada Elections Division said, "That's it for election results updates until 9:00 am [sic] on Nov. 5. Here's what has been counted so far: All in person early votes. All in person Election Day votes. All mail ballots through Nov. 2. Here's what is left to count: Mail ballots received on Election Day. Mail ballots that will be received over the next week. Provisional ballots. Ballots outstanding is difficult to estimate in Nevada because every voter was sent a mail ballot. Obviously, not all will vote."

What else?

The outlet also cites Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston, who said that the number is not "thousands," but "tens of thousands" of ballots — all of which reportedly have yet to be counted in Clark County alone.

At the time of this reporting, former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by approximately 60,000 votes.

Ralston said, "These have dramatically favored the Dems so far by more than 2 to 1. Biden should do well there. There are also tens of thousands of provisional ballots in urban Nevada and some in the rurals. Less sure of that mix, but the Clark mail, if it follows the previous pattern, may be enough for Biden."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won Nevada in 2016 by more than 27,000 votes and approximately 2.4 points.

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