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A new class at Berkeley aims to teach students 'adulting' — here's what that means


"We don't really know that much, so we're all learning together"

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A new college class at the University of California, Berkeley, is meant to fill the blind spots in student education about the mundane tasks of life that they call "adulting."

The class is a student-run course designed by Belle Lau, a 20-year-old integrated biology student and her friend Jenny Zhou.

"We realized the things we don't learn in school are topics like taxes and just how to take care of yourself," said Lau.

The course description lists some of the skills being taught:

The school system does not require a class for students to learn how to live in the real world and function as an adult. We often enter college unprepared to take care of ourselves.
Many life skills, including how to develop good habits, manage stress, pay taxes, budget our spending/income, and to live a healthy lifestyle, are necessary, especially when college is the bridge to adulthood. This course will explore the many dimensions of how to successfully adult.

Lau admits that she is not a life expert herself, being so young, but that the course will bring in experts on various topics to help everyone learn the skills they lack.

"We don't really know that much, so we're all learning together," said Lau.

"We're the middlemen trying to get professionals to talk about these topics to students," she added.

Here's a local report about the class:

Mojo in the Morning: College offering 'adulting' classeswww.youtube.com

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