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New Lincoln Project ad implies Trump has won third presidential term — and leftists are reacting to ad with 'pain & rage'
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New Lincoln Project ad implies Trump has won third presidential term — and leftists are reacting to ad with 'pain & rage'

Conservatives, on the other hand, can't seem to contain their laughter over the spot

The Lincoln Project — a group of Republicans intent on getting President Donald Trump voted out of office — released a dramatic new ad Monday night titled "Good Night, America."

And boy, does it ever have leftists flipping out.

What are the details?

Beginning with a nighttime scene in a house with heart-stirring taps on piano keys, a mother opens the door to her young son's bedroom as a sounds from a TV news station follow her in.

She has the look of someone who's about to break the news that there was a death in the family.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

The mother bends down to her sleeping boy, rousing him awake with a soft entreaty: "Hey, honey."

"Hey, Mommy," her son replies.

"You asked me to wake you and tell you what happened in the election," she continues.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

"Who won?" the boy inquires.

"Trump," the mom answers with subtle disgust. "Trump won."

The boy seems perplexed: "I thought you could only be president two times."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

The mother pauses and appears distressed before relaying even more terrible news: "Not any more."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

With that, white text on a black background flashes on the screen: "STOP HIM OR IT WILL NEVER STOP" and "VOTE HIM OUT."

What has been the reaction?

To say nothing about the ad's glaring flaw — the son's shock presumably regarding the abolition of presidential term limits would've occurred long before Election Day — conservatives are getting a big laugh over the video's ridiculous premise.

Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner said he "audibly snorted" in laughter while watching the spot. Others reacted similarly:

  • "Holy s**t I am choking from laughing too hard," another commenter noted.
  • "Do these people not understand that in order for this to happen we would have to amend the Constitution, a process which would require 38 states to ratify a new amendment repealing the 22nd Amendment?" another commenter asked. "Who am I kidding, of course they f***ing don't."

And here's a nifty suggestion borrowing from "The Handmaid's Tale":

Image source: Twitter

But the ad put leftists and other anti-Trump folks in anything but a lighthearted mood:

  • "I'm literally wide awake in the middle of the night bc of this very anxiety," one Twitter user wrote in reaction to the ad.
  • "I am so filled with pain & rage," another commented. "I can't even begin to describe that inconsolable pain & rage. I've watched with horror for 40 years as the country has crumbled under right wing propaganda & destruction. And yet I'm still stunned where we are today. If we don't stop it we're done."
  • Another responded, "You are doing better than I am at finding words today. This is exactly how I feel. And the rage is so destructive. Trying hard not to turn it in on myself. It is so hard to fathom that we're here. I don't know wtf is wrong with people. How will we fix this even when he's gone?"

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