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Ohio jail yard video shows drone dropping off weed, cell phone to inmates


The drone operator has not yet been found

Image source: KABT-TV video screenshot

Newly-released video taken from the Cuyahoga County Jail in Euclid, Ohio, shows inmates receiving a special delivery of contraband — including marijuana and a cell phone — via drone in a recreation yard.

What are the details?

The footage shows an inmate looking up at the sky in an outdoor exercise area, then leaping forward with an article of clothing in his hands to catch an object before casually strolling past other inmates (who did not appear to react). Authorities say that object was a satchel containing weed and a phone.

Video shows drone dropping drugs, cell phone into Ohio jail | ABC7

According to Fox News, the incident happened in June, but officials just released the surveillance video this week. Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth told the outlet, "If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. You try to stay one step ahead as best you can, but you try to learn from incidents like this locally and nationally."

WEWS-TV reported that after the drone-drop, "the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation," noting that "just a day prior, authorities discovered a hole dug into the wall of an eight-floor jail cell" at the facility.

Anything else?

The inmate seen catching the contraband in the video did not receive further punishment, and the drone operator has not yet been found.

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