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Only 42% of respondents in recent poll consider President Biden to be 'mentally sharp'

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Less than half of people in an I&I/TIPP poll consider President Joe Biden to be "mentally sharp."

While 19.3% strongly agreed with the description of Biden as "mentally sharp" and 23% somewhat agreed, well over a third (36.9%) strongly disagreed and 13.6% somewhat disagreed. Nearly three quarters (74%) of Democrats consider the president to be mentally sharp, while just 13% of Republicans and 34% of independents held that view.

Similarly, while 16.9% strongly agreed with describing Biden as "energetic" and 25.5% somewhat agreed, more than a third (34.4%) strongly disagreed and 15.9% somewhat disagreed with using that adjective to describe the president.

While 21.3% strongly agreed with characterizing Biden as a "good communicator" and 25.3% somewhat agreed, 33.7% strongly disagreed, and 12.9% somewhat disagreed.

"The data come from the November I&I/TIPP Poll of 1,306 adults, which was conducted online from Oct. 27-29 by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, I&I's polling partner. The margin of error for the analysis is +/-2.8 percentage points," according to Issues & Insights.

Biden, who was sworn in as president earlier this year and will turn 79 later this month, previously spent more than three decades serving as a U.S. senator from Delaware before serving as vice president alongside President Barack Obama.

A Pew Research survey of U.S. adults conducted in September found that only 43% indicated that the characterization of mentally sharp described Biden well, with 14% indicating that this described him very well and 30% indicating that it described him fairly well.

Robert Reich, who served as secretary of labor under Democratic President Bill Clinton, recently tweeted that, "It is nice to see an American president on the world stage who speaks in complete sentences."

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas fired back, "Wait. You're saying this seriously? You know who the President is right?"

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