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Parenting writer blasts 'paranoia' of protecting our families with guns, says buying 'life insurance' is better idea — and gets hammered for it


'One of the most idiotic, disconnected-from-reality tweets I have seen yet'

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Noted parenting and design writer Gabrielle Blair was getting into it on Twitter with Exposing Gun Control over the necessity of firearms for protection.

At one point, Blair wrote Sunday that "I for sure value the lives of children more than your right to own a gun. FOR SURE. 100%."

Exposing Gun Control countered with, "Our right to own a firearm is also our right to protect our lives, the lives of our own families and children. This is recognized by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, Gabrielle. You just admitted you value victims' lives over those who refuse to be victimized. That's trash."

Blair hit back with the following doozie:

"There are far better ways to protect your family than a gun," she wrote. "Get a life insurance policy."

And Blair wasn't through. She continued with a thread that reads as follows:

  • "I know you truly believe that you'll need to defend your family at gunpoint. You need to let that go. Statistically it's just not going to happen. I know it's boring, but if you want to protect your family, things like seatbelts, fire alarms, and life insurance are your best bet."
  • "The reality is, you're probably going to die of heart disease or diabetes, or just old age and natural causes. I know it's not as cool-sounding as an armed standoff, but it's still true."
  • "If the topic of protecting your family comes up, a gun extremist will immediately imagine an armed intruder who has come to murder. That's not going to happen. It's rare enough that it's not something people need to worry about or make decisions based on."
  • "If the topic of protecting your family comes up among people who actually interact and care for children each day, they think of things like using car seats, preventing hormones and dangerous chemicals in food, child-proofing the cleaning supplies, and schoolyard bullying."
  • "Hundreds and hundreds of you have explained to me that a life insurance policy won't protect against an armed intruder. I never said it would. The thing you don't understand: There isn't going to be an armed intruder. That's just your paranoia."
  • "A gun in the home is FAR more likely to kill or maim a household member than it is to protect them. Enjoy your daydreams about armed stand-offs. But that's all they are. Daydreams."
  • "Update: A shocking number of you are CONVINCED that armed intruders will enter your home at 2 a.m. And specially at 2 a.m. Is there like an NRA ad about a 2 a.m. break in? Some meme I missed? Don't answer. I don't actually want to know. Muting this thread now."

Fierce pushback

Blair may have muted the thread, but the classic responses to her declarations are still there for all to see. Here's a sampling:

  • "This is by far one of the most idiotic, disconnected-from-reality tweets I have seen yet. Even if you think guns can't help protect people (they can), this is a particularly asinine response."
  • "Right. Next time my stalker shows up at my house I'm going to flail my life insurance policy document at him. Thanks for the tip!!!"
  • "People like you are the reason the 'bell curve' exists ... I saved myself and my 2 yr old w/a gun 30 yrs ago. An insurance policy would've been a death sentence."
  • "Everyone thinks it won't happen to them, but it does happen to some people. No one knows if they'll be victimized, which is why owning and training with defensive weaponry IS the best insurance policy!"
  • "A gun is similar to a fire extinguisher. You really should have one, but hope you never have to use it. I have a fire extinguisher because it's 12 minutes before any fire department would get to my home if it's on fire. I have a gun because it's about the same for cop."
  • "A gun IS my life insurance policy."
  • "Yes, the last time someone threatened the life of my family, the first thing that popped into my head was: 'I wonder how much money I could get if they killed my kids.'"
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