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Piers Morgan shreds Extinction Rebellion activist on live TV during bizarre exchange


'We give you the chance to come on national television to present your case, you sit there dressed like a broccoli'

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"Good Morning Britain" co-host Piers Morgan tore into an Extinction Rebellion protester who was dressed as broccoli during Wednesday's show.

Extinction Rebellion, a climate change activist group, has shut down parts of London over the last several weeks, even swarming airports and disrupting flights across the area.

The protester interviewed Wednesday was one of thousands of protesters arrested in October for outlandish and disruptive displays impacting the London area. You can read more on the group's antics here.

What are the details?

The vegan activist — aptly called "Mr. Broccoli" — appeared on the show, but did not explain why the activist group have decided to shut down London.

Mr. Broccoli — whose real name is believed to be Roland — often dresses up as vegetables in order to demonstrate his solidarity with the climate change movement.

During the strange exchange, the activist refused to answer why he believes plant-based diets will help save the planet from imminent destruction.

"You've got some powerful friends in people like Lewis Hamilton. How are you going to persuade people like me who want a balanced diet of fruit, veg, meat, like we've always done, and think that's perfectly OK?" Morgan said. "There's also increasing evidence that a strict vegan diet can have a bad impact on you."

Broccoli responded by insisting, "I'm not a scientist," and "A plant-based food system is great for the environment."

Co-host Susanna Reid interjected, "Are you a plant? ... Because your argument dressed up as broccoli just strikes me as so absurd. That you're wearing a costume, but you're trying to get a serious point across about veganism. Are you actually not a part of Animal Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion at all, but somebody who's trying to send up the whole movement? Because I'm not sure you're going to win anybody over dressed as a broccoli trying to make a serious political point about how to stop climate change by changing your diet."

"It's not a joke," he insisted. "Levity is important."

What did Piers Morgan say?

Morgan later went on to ask Broccoli if he walked the walk and talked the talk.

"[No], I'm just a humble broccoli," he later shrugged. "I just grow."

At one point during the conversation, the activist pulled out a banana and pretended to take a phone call.

Morgan, clearly dissatisfied with the activist's presentation overall, responded, "Had you made a coherent, powerful, science-based argument ... you could have made a real impact.

"You spend two weeks paralyzing the city of London, and when we give you the chance to come on national television to present your case, you sit there dressed like a broccoli saying, 'Yeah, you should eat plants," Morgan spat. "Sorry, that's not enough."

Piers and Susanna's Awkward Interview With Climate Change Activist Mr Brocoli | Good Morning Britainwww.youtube.com

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