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Police fire projectiles on unruly and destructive Rams fans following LA Super Bowl win

Photo by APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Police Department was forced to fire projectiles on unruly crowds following the L.A. Rams' Super Bowl win on Sunday night, the Los Angeles Times reported.

What are the details?

Hundreds of fans converged on the streets near entertainment complex L.A. Live by 8 p.m. following the Rams' win, with some shooting off fireworks in the middle of the street.

According to the report, "multiple people" were seen climbing streetlights and throwing glass bottles at police, who'd quickly arrived on the scene to issue a dispersal notice to revelers.

Authorities soon declared an unlawful assembly and advised crowds that they were "risking serious injury" if they remained on the streets.

LAPD reporter Kevin Rector tweeted about the incidents and wrote, "I'm at 11th and Hope in downtown L.A. in an area LAPD have cordoned off. People are letting off fireworks. Police on bullhorns declared an unlawful assembly on a loudspeaker from a truck and told people they had 10 minutes to leave."

He added, "There are a dozen people on top of a graffitied city bus with a 'RAMS HOUSE' flag and a detour sign and street cones. The bus driver is inside. Cops in copter above. Fireworks constantly going off."

Some, according to the report, quickly left, but others remained behind and taunted officers, prompting responders to fire projectiles at the crowd.

Content warning: Rough language:

Over the next hour, the crowd relocated to another area and were said to have climbed on top of parked cars and sprayed graffiti on area buildings and signs.

By 10 p.m., the L.A. Live crowd had relocated to Grand and 12th streets. People threw water bottles and traffic cones, and several climbed atop parked cars and even a Metro bus — while a driver was still inside. Some sprayed graffiti onto buildings and signs.

The LAPD on Twitter wrote, "We are seeing violent and destructive behavior by large crowds in the heart of the Downtown LA area. We have issued several dispersal orders and have a large police presence. Everyone that is part of those crowds, obey all dispersal orders and clear the streets immediately.”

Local authorities have yet to announce whether they arrested any people during the melee.

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