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Police pull over bus driver on her way to pick up children for school — and accuse her of driving under the influence of drugs


The bus driver is on leave until further notice

Police pulled over a Bartow County, Georgia, school bus driver Tuesday afternoon for suspicion of driving under the influence.

What are the details?

Sharon Fisher, the bus driver in question, was reportedly weaving all over the roads Tuesday afternoon, nearly hitting other vehicles on the road, according to WSB-TV. Officers with the Emerson Police Department pulled the bus over and conducted a field sobriety test.

Authorities arrested Fisher before she was able to complete her afternoon pickup. There were no children on the bus at the time of Fisher's arrest, according to the station.

Deshon Roddy, the parent of a 6-year-old district student, said that he couldn't believe Fisher would do such a thing.

"That's not acceptable," he told the station. "That's not acceptable at all."

"She was on duty on the way to pick [my son] up from his school," he added. "It's kind of crazy. I don't see how they let that slide."

"You trust them with your kids," Roddy insisted. "That's their lives. What would have happened if she would have made it? That's definitely very scary."

What did her husband say?

Fisher is now on leave until further notice, according to the station, but her husband told the station that there's no way his wife could have been under the influence of anything.

"She's the straightest goody two-shoes person I've ever known in my life," her husband said. "She does on occasional muscle relaxer, 5 mg, that the doctor prescribes, and [the school district knows] about that."

The station reported that Fisher is "confident her drug test will come back negative" and she will be able to return to work soon .

In a statement, the school district said:

The Bartow County School System is diligently looking into the matter that's currently under investigation by an outside agency. Ms. Fisher is on leave pending that investigation.
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