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Police threatened LSU football players with arrest for smoking cigars in the stadium after national championship


Some players thought it was a joke

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After capping an undefeated season with a national championship game win over Clemson on Monday, some LSU football players decided to light some victory cigars in the locker room β€” which caught the attention of some police officers, according to

As smoke from the cigars filled the locker room after the game, one officer reportedly told the players that anyone smoking cigars could be subject to arrest. Even after another officer tried to say it was OK, the officer maintained that his commander would not allow it.

The below video appears to show the officers going around the locker room warning players about the cigars. It also shows Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., a former LSU player, spanking the officer on his backside and taunting him.

Some players laughed initially, apparently unsure if the officer was serious about potentially arresting them for smoking cigars.

Ultimately, however, no one was arrested during the celebration, and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow continued smoking his cigar even as he walked to the postgame news conference.

The Tigers' celebration was eventful, helped by the location of the championship game in New Orleans. Beckham, in addition to spanking a police officer, was seen handing out cash to players after the win (something the NCAA may have to take a look at).

LSU officials initially claimed that the cash was fake β€” a claim that Burrow quickly exposed as false on the "Pardon My Take" podcast. Burrow confirmed the cash was real.

"I'm not a student-athlete anymore so I can say it, yeah," Burrow said.

LSU beat Clemson 45-25 on Monday night to win the national championship and finish the season undefeated at 15-0. Burrow is likely to be the top pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

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