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New poll shows growing concern among Americans about political violence, but few want the country to split among partisan lines

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A new poll found that a growing number of Americans are concerned about political violence, but just a small minority said they wanted the country to split into two partisan nations.

The CBS News/YouGov poll found that 64% of respondents believed political violence would increase. That grew from 57% who said the same in December 2021 and from 51% who said the same in January 2021.

That finding fits with the theme of President Joe Biden's recent speeches excoriating Republicans who support former President Donald Trump. Critics have accused Biden of using divisive and extremist rhetoric against his political opponents while claiming to work towards political harmony.

"MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love," Biden claimed in the speech.

The poll also found that a majority — 54% — believed that the U.S. would be less of a democracy for the next generation. Only 27% said it would be the same as it is now, while another 19% said it would be more of a democracy.

Both parties were nearly equally divided on whether they saw the other political party as enemies or political opposition. 49% of Republicans saw Democrats as enemies, and 47% of Democrats saw Republicans as enemies.

Although the poll found a lot of worry about political division, there seemed to be very little support for the country dividing into red state and blue states.

Less than a quarter of respondents, 24%, said they favored or strongly favored dividing the country among partisan lines, while 76% said they either somewhat opposed or strongly opposed dividing the country.

The CBS News/YouGov poll had a 2.5% margin of error.

Here's more about the findings from the poll:

CBS News poll: More than half of Americans believe political violence will increasewww.youtube.com

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