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Pro-life activist gets punched, blood drips down his face, after telling unhinged man, 'Jesus loves you'
Image source: YouTube screenshot

Pro-life activist gets punched, blood drips down his face, after telling unhinged man, 'Jesus loves you'

'I told myself if that happened I was going to take it, like Jesus — and I did'

Pro-life activist Ryan Roberts has been demonstrating in front of a Fort Worth, Texas, abortion clinic since June, begging pregnant women not kill their babies.

On Friday, things got violent.

Roberts — who was recording a Facebook Live video on his cellphone, Faithwire reported — began talking to a man in a pickup truck who pulled in the driveway of Whole Woman's Health.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"This place kills babies! Can we help you?" Roberts was heard telling the man. Noticing a "Christ is King" sticker on his truck, Roberts added that he liked the man's vehicle.

'Do you want to die? You and your whole family'

As Roberts got closer to the truck, the man glared out the window at him. "Do you want to die? You and your whole family," he said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"What are you talking about?" Roberts replied.

"You need to get going," the man said.

"Jesus loves you, man," Roberts told him. "My mom almost aborted me, that's why I come here."

The driver reversed into the street but remained in the road as Roberts continued talking to him.

"Jesus loves you, sir!" Roberts told the man, adding that "a girl just cried earlier; she walked out and kept her baby ... she prayed with me. Her name's ..."

Suddenly the man got out of his truck, bounded across the street, and raised his fists.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

And just before Roberts told him one more time that "Jesus loves you" — punched Roberts in the face several times.

On the ground and still taking video of the ordeal, Roberts took about a minute to get back up.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Yet he continued — while spitting blood — pleading with abortion clinic clients to reconsider their decisions.

"Please don't do this to your little baby today!" Roberts yelled. "That little baby loves you! Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Father God. Thank you, Lord."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

'Those little babies deserve to live, bro. You're gonna be a good dad'

He saw one man readying to enter the abortion clinic and pointed out his injuries.

"This just happened to me, sir," he said. "I just got hit and assaulted for your little baby. Sir, look at me. Jesus loves you, man. I'm here to save your baby, man. I just got hit. And I'll do it again for your little kid. Sir, I'm begging you in Jesus name, to look at me, bro ... I just got hit by this guy, man. Jesus loves your baby, man."

"I don't blame him," the man replied to Roberts before heading inside the clinic.

"You don't blame him? Okay, thanks," Roberts replied. "Those little babies deserve to live, bro. You're gonna be a good dad."

Here's the video. (Content warning: Brief profanity from man who punched Roberts):

Pastor Mark Dickson of SovereignLOVE Church was with Roberts when he was punched and told Faithwire more about what transpired.

"Those of us who stand on the sidewalks of abortion clinics and who reach out on a regular basis go through a lot," Dickson, who also serves as a director with Right to Life of East Texas, explained to the outlet. "Not everyone likes what we say, and not everyone likes what we do. Sometimes we see them respond violently."

One particularly eye-opening thing Dickson revealed to Faithwire was that the man who attacked Roberts "was not there to drop off or pick up anyone. He just saw us on the sidewalk and decided to stop."

Roberts told the outlet he "knew" such an attack "was going to happen eventually. I told myself if that happened I was going to take it, like Jesus — and I did."

Dickson told Faithwire that police have identified the man who punched Roberts and charges will be filed.

Happy moments arrive

On Monday following the attack, Roberts posted on Facebook a photo of a baby shower invitation he said he received from a woman he talked out of getting an abortion.

"I just received this BABY SHOWER INVITATION in the mail from a girl I met and prayed with at the Abortion Clinic months ago who decided to keep her baby," his caption reads. "Thank you, Jesus!"

And on the very day he was brutally beaten, Roberts posted a photo on Facebook of him holding his daughter. The caption reads: "There is nothing like getting snuggles from your baby girl after getting beat up for trying to save other baby boys and girls."

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