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Professor blasts ‘progressive police’ culture, rails against indoctrination in collegiate settings


'Bias stifles campus speech'

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Michael Jacobs, a business professor at the University of North Carolina, penned a scathing op-ed railing against left-wing bias at the Chapel Hill school.

The piece, which ran Thursday, pointed out the "indoctrination" and dreaded "progressive police" that reportedly run rampant at the school.

What did the piece say?

In his article — which ran in Raleigh's News & Observer — Jacobs revealed that he'd polled 40 UNC students who identified as Republicans as to whether they felt like they'd be penalized if they voiced their true political beliefs.

Thirty-eight out of the 40 said that they worried their grades would suffer if they didn't publicly align themselves with any professor's liberal political points of view.

The article, "Bias stifles campus speech at UNC-CH," called the practice nothing more than "indoctrination."

Jacobs added that Republican students feared for their grades — and their reputations — out of fear that the "progressive police" would attack them for their beliefs and ideals.

"One of my top MBA students, who I would categorize as moderate, recently told me that she will no longer participate in class discussions that involve social or political issues for fear of being branded by the 'progressive police,'" Jacobs revealed.

Anything else?

Jacobs also wrote that faculty should naturally respect diverse ideas and suggested that chancellors who were too afraid to promote such diversity should be let go from their positions within the school.

"This is a disgrace," Jacobs wrote. "[It's] antithetical to a classic 'liberal' education whereby students are supposed to be taught critical thinking.

"Is there any wonder why so many North Carolina citizens, our Legislature, and the Board of Governors are fed up with the political indoctrination occurring at taxpayer-funded educational institutions?" he added.

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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