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Racist texts surface in sentencing for white ex-cop who killed innocent black man in his home


She was convicted of 2018 murder

Image source: ABC News video screenshot

Prosecutors pointed to text messages containing racist content exchanged between former Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger and her police partner during Wednesday's sentencing hearing, a day after Guyger was convicted of murdering an unarmed black man in his apartment, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Guyger's text messages and social media posts are being used by prosecutors to argue against her getting a lenient sentence. She faces between five and 99 years in prison for fatally shooting accountant Botham Jean in his Dallas apartment in September 2018.

In one exchange with Martin Rivera, her married partner with whom she was engaged in an affair, Rivera said to Guyger, "Damn I was at this area with 5 different black officers!!! Not racist but damn."

Guyger replied, "Not racist but just have a different way of working and it shows."

Another conversation between Guyger and different officer occurred during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in 2018.

"When does this end lol," the unnamed officer said of the parade."

"When MLK is dead … oh wait …" Guyger replied.

When texting with a friend who recently adopted a German Shepherd, the friend said the dog "may be racist."

"It's okay...I'm the same," Guyger responded, just two days before she killed Jean. "Lmao. I hate everything and everyone but y'all."

The prosecution also highlighted some violently-themed social media posts Guyger had shared and commented on. For example, under a post on Pinterest that read, "I wear all black to remind you not to mess with me, because I'm already dressed for your funeral," Guyger commented: "Yah I got meh a gun a shovel an gloves if I were u back da f*** up and get out of meh f***ing a**."

The defense has argued that Guyger mistakenly entered Jean's apartment because she was tired from a long day of work, but the prosecution pointed to texts she was exchanging with Rivera as she drove from work to the apartment complex to make a case that she was distracted.

The messages and posts come together to form an attempt by the prosecution to portray Guyger as someone with racial bias and a violent streak who was negligently distracted with the affair she was involved in with her co-worker. Guyger was also sending text messages to Rivera while she was calling 911 as Jean lay dying nearby.

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