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Students who say 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' is 'suggestive' are asked if misogynistic rap should be banned. The hypocrisy is glorious.



Image source: YouTube screenshot

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform visited George Mason University in northern Virginia recently to ask students what they thought of the controversy over the classic holiday song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" — specifically if it's the right move to ban the tune over lyrics that suggest a man is seducing a woman against her will.

The reactions were mixed. Some woke students were all for banning the song; others believed the dust-up has been overblown.

But the best part of the interview came at the end when Phillips asked students who were ready to toss "Baby, It's Cold Outside" on the trash heap if they also believed that misogynistic rap songs — as well as country songs and rock songs — should be banned for the same reason.

And oh how the hypocrisy flowed.

What did the students say?

A pair of female students who said "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is "definitely" misogynistic and should be taken "off campus" sang a different tune when Phillips asked them if they would delete rap songs and tunes from other genres that demean women from their playlists.

"I don't listen to rap," one of the students replied.

The other hemmed and hawed amid a few nervous giggles before saying, "I definitely see that side. But, like, I don't know. This sounds bad, but like, ["Baby, It's Cold Outside"] only comes out once a year, like, that one time of the year whereas rap is kind of like all ..."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

She then began spinning her finger in a circle after which Phillips finished her sentence: "Problematic year round."

"And so maybe it should be phased out a little bit more," she continued, "but, like, I also listen to a lot of rap, so there's that."

Alrighty then.

Another student — a male — also had problems with "Baby, It's Cold Outside," telling Phillips it needs to be "adapted" for today's "totally different cultural time" because some of it's lyrics "are very suggestive" and that "you can definitely get a sort of vibe from the song that it's just unacceptable."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But when Phillips asked him about rap?

"With rap, it's not acceptable," the student replied cautiously, "but it's kind of a different kind of lifestyle."

Phillips pointed out, "So the misogyny [in rap] is a little more acceptable 'cause it's not Christmastime."

"Uhh," the student responded, "it's a very good way of pointing it out."

Here's the video:

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