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George Soros dropped $800K to defeat a Republican DA, but she won and mocked him in her victory speech


"George Soros doesn't know a damn thing about me..."

Brendan Smialowski/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Republican district attorney in New York faced a challenger backed by more than $800,000 from liberal financier George Soros, but she came out victorious and mocked him in her victory speech.

Soros funded the New York Justice & Public Safety Political Action Committee, which purchased television ads for Democratic candidate Shani Curry Mitchell, the challenger to Monroe County district attorney Sandra Doorley.

On Tuesday, Doorley soundly defeated Mitchell soundly with 56 percent in the election, despite the overwhelming financial support from Soros.

Doorley gave a tongue-in-cheek "thanks" to him in her victory speech on Tuesday evening.

"The Republican Party in Monroe Country is not dead, and we are alive and well," Doorley said.

"And look at all the great people, here. We still have the energy and we will be back. And I am back for another four more years, so, thank you, George Soros!" she added.

Doorley had earlier denounced Soros for attempting to swing the race to her competitor.

"George Soros doesn't know a damn thing about me," Doorley said, according to the New York Times.

"His New York PAC doesn't know a damn thing about me," she added.

Here's the latest on Soros:

Sandra Doorley speaks after winning the Monroe County District Attorney race.www.youtube.com

[H/T: The Daily Wire]

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