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'More Pulitzer worthy fact checking': Reuters declares video was edited and Biden did not really walk away during wife Jill's speech after hearing ice cream truck music

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Reuters has published a fact-check article about a video that indicates President Joe Biden wandered away because of an ice cream truck while first lady Jill Biden was speaking at a podium.

The outlet linked to a video in which the president walks off camera as tinkling ice cream truck music plays. Reuters also linked to an undoctored video on C-SPAN, which lo and behold, does not include the ice cream truck music — the video is from when the president and the first lady spoke at Brookland Middle School in Washington, D.C., last year.

"At around the 01:35 mark, Biden can be seen walking out of frame and returning a few seconds later, but no ice cream truck can be seen in the video nor can any music be heard," Reuters reported regarding the unaltered footage.

The outlet declared that the "video has been digitally edited to include ice cream truck music as U.S. President Joe Biden walked away momentarily during first lady Jill Biden's speech."

Another version of the spoof video features an ice cream truck that has been inserted into the background of the video as Biden walks away.

Biden chases Ice Cream Truck 😂www.youtube.com

Social media users piled on Reuters for publishing the fact-check piece.

"Thanks, Reuters. I never would have realized that this joke meme wasn't real without your guidance," tweeted Mike LaChance, who writes for Legal Insurrection.

"@ReutersFacts, another joke of an organization, fact-checked a joke video. We have truly stepped into idiocracy at many levels now," someone else tweeted.

"The fact they thought they had to fact check this is more hilarious than the video itself," another tweet declared.

"More Pulitzer worthy fact checking," someone else tweeted.

Left-wing figure Seth Abramson indicated that the majority of Republican voters are "stupid."

"How do I know Republicans have nothing on Biden? Because every day their pimple-faced, basement-dwelling trolls vomit up some fake media to try to establish a narrative of foolishness and incompetence that reality doesn’t bear out. If they had *anything*, they’d stick to reality," Abramson tweeted.

In another tweet, he declared that "the reason manipulated media almost always comes from the right is because far-right trolls believe Republican voters are stupid. And the reason Republican voters repeatedly *fall* for manipulated media is that the overwhelming majority are—apparently—stupid."

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