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Leftist labels all Republicans, and everyone who is friends with, dating, or married to a Republican, as 'fascist'

Screenshot taken from video on the 9NEWS YouTube channel

Saira Rao has claimed that all Republicans, as well as their significant others and their friends, are all fascists.

"If you are a Republican in 2023, you are a fascist. If you are married to/in a relationship with a Republican in 2023, you are a fascist. If you are friends with a Republican in 2023, you are a fascist. At some point, your actions need to match your memes. It's a low bar," Rao tweeted.

Rao has previously shared similar sentiments, asserting that Republicans, as well as their friends and significant others, are all Nazis.

"If you are a Republican, you are a Nazi. If you are married to, dating or friends with a Republican, you are married to, dating or friends with a Nazi," Rao tweeted last year.

Rao declared in a post last year that viewing the U.S. flag makes her want to puke.

"This country is a racist transphobic homophobic xenophobic ableist classist Islamophobic misogynistic dumpster fire. As such, seeing the American flag makes me want to vomit," she wrote.

Rao and Regina Jackson are the cofounders of Race2Dinner and the coauthors of the book "White Women." They contend that "all white women are racist" and they describe Race2Dinner as "an organization that facilitates conversations between white women about white supremacy and racism—specifically your complicity in upholding white supremacy and your racism."

Rao has claimed that people who are "colorblind" on the issue of race are actually "racist."

"If you are colorblind, you don't see race. If you don't see race, you don't see racism. If you don't see racism, you are not actively anti-racist. If you are not actively anti-racist, you are racist. It is not complicated," Rao tweeted last year.

Earlier this month, on the date of the Super Bow, Rao described the NFL as "the epitome of racism, xenophobia and misogyny."

She has described former President Donald Trump as a "fascist."

Race2Dinner asks white women to acknowledge racism, do something about itwww.youtube.com

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