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Seattle police reportedly ready to abandon precinct as protesters create 'autonomous zone' — and one journalist gets a little too close


'You ain't gonna be able to say s**t while I'm next to you!'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Amid the George Floyd protests and rioting in Seattle, police on Monday were preparing to abandon the East Precinct if necessary and were removing items of value, KCPQ-TV reported.

What are the details?

A station journalist, Brandi Kruse, on Tuesday reported that "protesters have dubbed the surrounding blocks an autonomous zone, or more colloquially, 'Free Capitol Hill.'"

According to Democracy Now! the autonomous zone is barricaded and stretches around the boarded-up police precinct building.

It appears protesters are claiming the zone as their own — and they apparently don't take kindly to journalists, particularly ones associated with the Fox Network, as Kruse found out while cellphone video was rolling Monday night.

In one clip a protester identified Kruse and her colleagues and instructed the growing crowd, "Don't let 'em get an inch of space!" and said the news crew was "part of the problem."

The protester got louder and more aggressive: "You ain't gonna be able to say s**t while I'm next to you!"

Kruse & Co. attempted to walk away, but the crowd followed and harassed them.

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In a separate clip, a crowd surrounded Kruse and her team — and the scene got a little threatening.

"You lost, Karen?" one protester asked while another threw in a "f*** off, Karen!"

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In another series of clips, the protesters demanded that Kruse leave the area — and she and her team eventually took refuge inside a fire station.

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Kruse tweeted that she and her colleagues were "OK."

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