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'Urinate or get off the pot!' — Sen. Kennedy berates Democrats for 'toying' with the president on impeachment


He also rips into a Democratic narrative about the president's taxes

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana berated Democrats for "toying" with President Donald Trump on impeachment in a colorful interview on MSNBC Wednesday.

"I think that some, I don't want to speak in too broad a brush, but some members of the House leadership, they're just toying with him," Kennedy told Chuck Todd of MSNBC.

"I mean what I said, they need to urinate or get off the pot!" he exclaimed.

"And go ahead and impeach him if you think he deserves to be impeached, he won't be convicted in the Senate but but stop toying with him!" Kennedy added.

"And you say well they are in good faith, some have said that, well maybe some, let me give you an example, Chuck," he continued, "the House Ways and Means chairman, he says I have to see Trump's tax returns because it will help me evaluate how well the IRS conducts audits!

"Right!" Kennedy mocked. "And Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes! Nobody believes that!"

Kennedy went on to explain that he believed Mueller did not want to indict Trump over charges of obstruction of justice, and denied the common Democratic talking point that he only refused to indict because of Department of Justice guidelines.

"And Chuck if you speak ill of Louisiana, God will punish you!" Kennedy joked at the end of the interview.

Here's the video of Kennedy's interview:

Full John Kennedy On Impeachment: 'Urinate Or Get Off The Pot' | MTP Daily | MSNBC www.youtube.com

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