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GOP senator masterfully proves why sexually explicit books don't belong in schools, forcing Dem to make key admission

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Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) went viral on Tuesday for reading R-rated excerpts from sexually graphic books.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on so-called "book bans" and censorship, Kennedy masterfully proved why some books just don't belong on school library shelves. Kennedy showed that if the books are too obscene for the Senate, then they're too obscene for school.

(Warning: Sexually graphic content below)

Kennedy read from "All Boys Aren't Blue" and "Gender Queer," two books that have become key flash points in the debate about "book bans." He recited:

  • All Boys Aren't Blue: "I put some lube on and got him on his knees, and I began to slide into him from behind. I pulled out of him and kissed him while he masturbated. He asked me to turn over while he slipped a condom on himself. This was my a** and I was struggling to imagine someone inside me. He got on top and slowly inserted himself into me. It was the worst pain I think I have ever felt in my life. Eventually, I felt a mix of pleasure with the pain."
  • Gender Queer: "I got a new strap-on harness today. I can’t wait to put it on you. It will fit my favorite dildo perfectly. You will look so hot. I can’t wait to have your c**k in my mouth. I’m going to give you the b***job of your life, then I want you inside of me."

After reading the excerpts, Kennedy turned his attention to Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias (D).

Earlier this year, Illinois enacted a law to punish schools that do not adhere to the American Library Association's "Library Bill of Rights." Under those guidelines, books cannot be removed "because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval." The guidelines make no mention of inappropriate or sexual materials, nor does the law.

Giannoulias told Kennedy he opposes parents having the "ability, under the guise of keeping kids safe, to try and challenge the worldview of every single manner on these issues." In other words, he opposes so-called "book bans" and wants librarians empowered more than parents to make decisions about library materials.

Still, Giannoulias made a significant admission about the nature of the books that Kennedy read, which parents' rights advocates do not want in schools.

"With all due respect, Senator, the words you spoke are disturbing. Especially coming out of your mouth, it's very disturbing," Giannoulias told Kennedy.

The question then becomes: If something is "very disturbing" in a setting of adults, how much more disturbing is that material in a school where children can access it?

Kennedy questions Giannoulias, Samuels in Judiciarywww.youtube.com

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