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'That’s why people vote for Trump':  Bill Maher argues with Seth MacFarlane over 'insane' leftist viewpoint on gender
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'That’s why people vote for Trump':  Bill Maher argues with Seth MacFarlane over 'insane' leftist viewpoint on gender

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher went back and forth with comedy writer Seth MacFarlane over leftist-held viewpoints that Maher argued were "kookier" than views espoused by Donald Trump.

On Maher's "Real Time with Bill Maher," the creator of "Family Guy" predominantly argued against Trump and in favor of President Biden, siding with fellow guest Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif).

It was Maher's comments on why voters choose Trump that particularly confused MacFarlane. Maher turned to sports commentator and panel member Stephen A. Smith to ask him a question about men playing in women's' sports.

"The Atlantic put out an article last year and it was called 'Separating Sports by Sex Doesn't Make Sense,' right, and talked about how we separate sports like the WNBA [and the NBA]," Maher remarked. He then cited the article saying the separation of genders was "just socialization."

"This is insane," Maher added.

"I agree," Smith replied.

"Okay, that's why people vote for Trump; because there's stuff like that on the left that people just go 'I know Trump's horrible but separating sports by sex makes perfect sense and if you think it doesn't, you can't lead the country,'" Maher added.

MacFarlane replied that the logic was akin to "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

"I'm just, I'm just giving you the answer to the question you're asking all night long," Maher chimed back. "Why do they vote for Donald Trump? It's not always because they like him. It's because stuff like that is kookier to people."

"It's kookier than trashing the Capitol?! What the f**k?!" a baffled MacFarlane replied.

"In a way it is," Maher stated, before asking Smith what would happen if we combined the NBA and the WNBA.

Smith declared that LeBron James would go from 25 points per game to 70.

MacFarlane then noted that he had a Zoom video call with President Biden after donating to the Democratic Party and noted that Biden was "not the world's greatest public speaker" but was certainly likable.

"I'm now getting why people like Lindsey Graham are defending him and saying like if you don't like Joe Biden, there's something wrong with you," he added.

MacFarlane also praised Biden for having altruistic traits and claimed the Inflation Reduction Act contained "climate provisions that are going to probably bear fruit long after [Biden is] gone."

Smith remarked that it's not "offensive" to point out Biden's age and that he is "no longer a spring chicken."

The cartoonist was frequently unable to contain his disdain for Trump and at one point ranted that Trump disseminates too much "bulls**t."

"You disseminate so much bulls**t you're like Biff in 'Back to the Future' getting dumped on by the manure truck," he said.

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