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Shaq slam dunks on Keith Olbermann, tells him to 'shut your dumb a** up' after former ESPN anchor blasted conduct of LSU's Angel Reese in title game

Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage (left); Photo by Chris Sorensen for The Washington Post via Getty Images (right)

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal slam dunked on Keith Olbermann early Monday, telling the outspoken former ESPN anchor to "shut your dumb a** up" after Olbermann ranted on Twitter about the behavior of LSU's Angel Reese in her team's title game win Sunday over Iowa.

What are the details?

Reese made headlines for taunting Iowa star Caitlin Clark with Clark's own taunt of waving her hand in front her face — a way of saying "Can't see me!" — and also by pointing at her ring finger to signify a championship:

Outkick said some were behind Reese for "giving Clark, a notorious trash talker, a taste of her own medicine. But others — like our favorite unhinged sports commentator — did not approve."

In reference to Reese, Olbermann on Sunday evening tweeted, "What a f***ing idiot."

He added, "Doesn't matter the gender, the sport, the background — you're seconds away from a championship, and you do something like this and overshadow all the good. Mindless, classless, and what kind of coach does this team have?"

Later that night, Shaq let Olbermann have it, telling him to "shut your dumb a** up" and to "leave Angel Reese alone."

More from Outkick:

But Shaq wasn’t the only one who jumped on Olbermann. Thousands of Twitter users invited him to bring that same energy to Caitlin Clark, too. Clark has made headlines during the tournament for her “can’t see me” taunts and even waving off a South Carolina player.

An apology — sort of

On Monday morning, Olbermann offered a kind of apology:

“I apologize for being uninformed last night about the back story on this,” he tweeted. “I don’t follow hoops, college or pro, men or women. I had no idea about Clark. Both were wrong.”

He also included further thoughts, saying that "Reese was named MVP of the tournament, and nobody will remember that, nor the LSU crown, just the fact that women's hoops has now achieved parity with the men: its stars can be classless winners who are willing to overshadow their own team's victories."

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