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VIDEO: Australian news org mocks CNN, left-wing networks for 'gushing' over Joe Biden at G7 summit
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VIDEO: Australian news org mocks CNN, left-wing networks for 'gushing' over Joe Biden at G7 summit

Never mind the gaffe-filled, mental lapse-heavy trip that was President Joe Biden's formal entrance onto the world stage at the G7 summit last weekend. Honest coverage of the events was never really a possibility, at least not from left-leaning legacy media outlets in the United States.

In stark contrast to the way they covered former President Donald Trump's international trips, those same outlets fawned over Biden even as he stumbled through speeches and confused Syria with Libya — a whopping three times.

But the obvious bias toward Biden didn't go unnoticed.

In a segment that aired Sunday, Sky News Australia mocked left-aligning American media outlets like CNN for "gushing" over their "beloved" new president, calling it "quite appalling to watch."

At the outset of the segment, "Kenny on Media" host Jack Houghton teed up clips of CNN's coverage of Biden's visit in contrast to its coverage of Trump's attendance at the G7 summit in 2018. While the network appeared to cover the former as a momentous occasion, it grimly characterized the latter as "G6 versus 1."

Media 'gushing' over 'beloved' Joe Biden amid G7 Summitwww.youtube.com

"They are trying to give the illusion that [Biden] doesn't have any disputes with any of these international leaders," Houghton remarked.

"It's really quite appalling to watch," commentator Sophie Elsworth added. "And what happened to straight news reporting, which doesn't seem to be existent there?"

CNN has experienced a significant ratings dip of late, reportedly losing nearly 70% of its audience since Trump left office earlier this year.

Houghton assessed that news outlets like CNN are acting essentially as stenographers, and not journalists, by merely "documenting history but not being critical" of Biden.

"Give Biden his due, he got to the top of the Air Force One steps without tripping over his shoelaces," Nick Cater of the Menzies Research Center quipped.

Cater added that it was quite different with Trump.

"Trump can do no right," he said, noting that foreign policy was one area in which the former president excelled. Whereas, with Biden, "There are considerable question marks over [his] foreign affairs policies, they're not proven yet."

Like CNN, networks such as CBS, NBC, and ABC provided glowing coverage of Biden's attendance at the G7 summit in the U.K., calling it restorative and "an American reset," and characterizing Biden as "on a mission to strengthen relationships with allies after they were strained during the previous administration."

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