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VIDEO: Trump reveals terrifying new details of Soleimani's plans: More attacks were 'imminent'


The Iranian terrorist was targeting more embassies

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In an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, President Donald Trump revealed new details about Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani's plots targeting Americans and U.S. interests in the Middle East.

Ingraham asked Trump whether the American people should have more information on the intelligence that convinced military leaders that Iran's top terror mastermind had to be taken out after his followers targeted the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

"Did he have large-scale attacks planned for other embassies?" Ingraham asked, adding, "and if those were planned, why can't we reveal that to the American people? Wouldn't that help your case?"

"I can reveal that I believe it would have been four embassies and that Baghdad had already started," the commander in chief responded.

Trump first revealed that Soleimani was planning to target four embassies on Thursday, a claim that was confirmed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to the BBC.

"We had specific information on an imminent threat and those included attacks on US embassies. Period, full stop," Pompeo said as he announced new sanctions against Iran.

Soleimani directed attacks on America for years

As TheBlaze reported, violent protesters and members of an Iran-backed militia under Soleimani's command surrounded the United States Embassy in Baghdad in a "siege" against the compound on Dec. 31. The attack came after Kataeb Hezbollah, an Iranian-aligned militia, killing an American contractor during a rocket attack on a U.S. military base in late December.

At the time, the U.S. responded with a series of strikes on Kataeb Hezbollah assets, according to Fox News. The strikes killed at least two dozen Kataeb Hezbollah fighters. In response, several hundred protesters stormed the U.S. embassy and even managed to breach a security entrance.

At least one of the terrorists who attacked the U.S. embassy in Baghdad wrote on a wall that the group was with Soleimani.

Trump praised U.S. response

In his interview with Ingraham, the president said he ordered the military to protect the embassy in Baghdad as quickly as possible.

"We're not going to have another Benghazi on our hands. We did a really amazing job but get no credit for it. We never get credit for anything and that's okay," Trump said.

Trump also said he ordered the killing of Soleimani after it was clear he was planning additional attacks, information he was reluctant to share with Democrats who would leak it to the media.

"They leak. Anything we give will be leaked immediately," the president said.

Trump reveals new details on imminent threat from Soleimani

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